14 or 15: which iPhone is winning this race

With the release of each new model, users are overcome with doubts: is it worth it to replace the existing model with a new one? But iPhone 15 promises to be a really worthwhile acquisition, so everyone who has thought about updating the gadget, definitely should do it in 2023. And the comparison of basic indicators will make sure that this decision is correct.

iPhone 14 and 15 cameras

Unique lenses, as well as the widest range of available functions, have consistently remained the main chip of Apple. Photos and videos on the main camera, stunning portrait selfies – the advantages are obvious. But there is no limit to perfection, so the new model is truly impressive:

  • 48-megapixel sensor even in the iPhone 15, not just the flagship series;
  • a telephoto lens with improved optical zoom;
  • 4K video shooting, as well as a chance at 8K, making videos look amazing not only on a smartphone, but also on a big screen.

For your own pleasure and family photo albums or professional activities – iPhone 15 will be a great solution.

New level of performance and speed

The most discussed innovation was the A17 Bionic, in the realization of which were involved advanced solutions. The power of the chip is at such a level that even in a few years it will be an order of magnitude higher than most competitors, due to which the iPhone 15 will not require replacement for a long time. Among its main advantages:

  • smooth data display, instantaneous processing of processes, instant loading;
  • optimization of computing cores for specific tasks, which provides unique performance;
  • the presence of Neural Engine, which allowed to achieve improved autonomy.

Given the parameters of the new chip there was a need to use an additional amount of RAM, so instead of 6 GB the user will be provided with 8 GB of RAM. The volume of internal storage has been increased to 1 TB – the possibilities of the owner of the smartphone are almost limitless.

Display Characteristics

Stunning OLED screens with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 are the pride of the Cupertino team. But there is room for improvement. In particular, they touched Dynamic Island, which will now be available not only on the Pro, but also on the standard models of the lineup. And this is an important plus, which has already been successfully appreciated by thousands of users.

True Tone, as well as Night Shift, will still adjust the brightness parameters taking into account the surrounding environment. Information on the display is clearly visible even in sunlight, and before going to bed you can enjoy the soft glow, which does not create an additional burden on vision.

Is it profitable to buy an iPhone 15

The novelty of 2023 is a rational investment in your own comfort, so it is definitely justified. The variety of available shades – from bright to pastel – will please even the most demanding users. And in the online store you can pre-order to be among the first to own the novelty as soon as it goes on sale.

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