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What is AI Resume Screening and How Can it Benefit Your Enterprise?

Many qualified job seekers meet the requirements for each position but due to the high influx of resumes that an employer receives for each open position, artificial intelligence (AI) is now used by employers to increase the chances of selecting the most qualified person for the job. 

Resume Screening is the most highly exhausting process of hiring potential talents. Artificial intelligence is now applied in resume screening because of the various advanced tools that aid the improvement of the hiring process. It improves the quality of talents hired, saves time, and minimizes the errors of selecting the wrong candidate.

Searching for a job can be quite tedious some people spend months trying to secure a job but their resume isn’t getting past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) because of its low standards. But you can now check your resume yourself by uploading it to top-notch AI resume screening tools and it will improve the quality of your resume.

Here is an example of tips for the perfect resume for IT specialists.

What is AI Resume Screening?

AI Resume Screening is the method of resume screening that involves the use of artificial intelligence to systematically scan through job applications and select the best applicants to move to the next phase of the hiring process. This advanced technology was developed to ease hiring managers of the excess tasks at hand and the repetition & also cancels out the possibility of qualified applicants being neglected.

AI resume screening tools make use of machine learning, which means that the more repetitions the AI program get, the more efficient it works. It helps to hire managers to make decisions that could have taken the whole day in lesser time.

How does AI Resume Screening Work?

AI resume screening tools make use of algorithms to scan through information in PDFs. After the applicant or the employer uploads their resume, the artificial intelligence scans thoroughly in a short period and extracts important information related to the organization’s demands. 

AI resume screening tools fall into 3 major categories;

  1. Keyword-based: This artificial intelligence distinguishes job applicants by searching for keywords and text patterns.
  2. Grammar-based: The tool breaks down phrases on the resume to assimilate the meaning of each statement.
  3. Statistical: The tool analyzes the information on a resume, identifying the structures and meaning of specific terms.

The most advanced way to screen resumes is the use of statistical resume screening tools.

How can AI Screening Benefit Your Enterprise?

Some employers are still very skeptical if spending on AI screening is a priority for their enterprises. This article highlights the various benefits of using AI screening for hiring, these benefits will show you the importance of AI screening in your enterprise.

  1. It saves the enterprise’s time and resources by executing high-volume tasks automatically
  2. It eliminates the possibility of unconscious biases during the process of hiring
  3. It improves the candidate shortlist and the quality of workers employed

It saves the enterprise’s time and resources by executing high-volume tasks automatically

Hiring managers are expected to manually and accurately scan each resume, this process can be highly time-consuming because there is a pool of resumes to work on and a larger percentage of them are unqualified for the position.

Using AI for hiring reduces the time spent on scanning through repeated, unqualified resumes without the quality of the workers diminishing.

This advantage helps you focus on other organizational tasks and also gives your enterprise a boost as people will value the skills your employees put to good use.

It eliminates the possibility of unconscious biases during the process of hiring

AI resume screening ensures that job applicants are considered based on their qualifications rather than emotions. The discrimination factor that most employers are responsible for can be a setback for applicants.

Every applicant is treated equally when an Artificial intelligence resume parser is used for the screening. It means that job seekers are selected based on their qualifications, work experience, and relevant, acquired skills. It ignores factors like age, religion, race, or gender when selecting resumes.

AI aids the review of job applicants without depending on the keywords from the job description. It checks the entire document of each candidate to make sure no candidate, skills, or experience is overlooked.

It improves the candidate shortlist and the quality of workers employed

Resume screening often ends in a shortlist of candidates that are the best/most suitable for the job. AI screening quickly identifies qualified and experienced candidates, this saves the employer from the stress of scanning resumes all day. AI solution detects the type of skills the organization lacks and who is in the best position to provide those skills. This quality increases the company’s productivity and efficiency.

Nowadays, companies make use of this method of effective screening because of its ability to identify the best candidates within a short frame of time. AI makes business decision-making easier as it analyzes past company records and customer preferences.

With all these benefits mentioned, you can now see the reason why your resume has to be written with utmost caution and scale through Applicant Tracking System. However, it can be impossible to write a unique and outstanding resume due to a lack of time, resources, or knowledge needed. You can seek professional assistance to help in the writing of your resume.

CareersBooster helps you write a custom-designed & keyword-optimized resume that will grab your hiring manager’s attention. Their team of expert writers offers quality writing regardless of your experience level. They give unlimited free revisions till your resume meets your expectations.

Summing Up

The entire hiring process is dependent on resume screening, this is why hiring managers have to employ the best method (AI resume screening) to find those skillful and talented applicants. 

If the AI resume screening tools are used properly, both the applicants and the hiring manager have a smoother experience. It shortlists the qualified & most suitable candidates for the job and eliminates the unqualified candidates to make the task at hand easier. They also boast a 30-day interview guarantee with your unique resume.

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