GPO Map Roblox Where These Locations exist in the Game?

GPO (Grand Piece Online), a Roblox-based pirate fighting adventure game, has started to catch the attention of gamers all over the globe. It is very popular in the United States and UK.

The game also features a unique map that attracts more players, not only because of the story and gameplay, but also because it is more fun. There are many exciting locations and places to explore on the game map. These locations can be accessed by players of all levels to search for treasures.

This Grand Piece Online map will help you find treasures and win easily if you’re new to the game of Gpo Roblox.

map by skypiea

What is Gpo Map Roblox and how do you use it?

Roblox offers a variety of maps for multiplayer games. GPO also has a map that allows you to explore different locations and islands. To increase your chances of winning levels, it is important to familiarize yourself with the game map.

The game map can be divided into four directions: South, West and North, respectively. Every location on the Gpo Roblox Map has something special. Players must find treasures by defeating bosses or completing challenges.

To advance in the game, the player must visit and explore the islands and other locations on the map. Some locations have challenges and obstacles that players will need to overcome in boss battles.

You will find out more about the game map below, which will assist you in finding treasures.

Detailled Map of the Gpo Roblox

  • South – The South portion of the game map contains two locations: Sandora (or Spawn).
  • Southwest – This map’s southwestern section includes two locations: Yeti and Haki.
  • West – Mink, Buggy Rokushiki Shells and Barratie Island are all located in the western portion of the map.
  • North – Colosseum and Roku are located to the north of this map
  • North-East-Sword is located in North-East
  • East – Runway is the place in the eastern portion of the GpoRoblox map.

A treasure island is featured on the game map, which players must discover to complete the mission.

These locations are located in the game.

All locations mentioned above can be found in the First Sea or Phoey Sea. Locations are not accessible to all players. To access restricted areas of the map, players must increase their level.

To access Sandora in Gpo Map Roblox is required level 10 or above. Level 50 or more is required to access Orange Town. Players level 285 or higher are not permitted to access locations such as Elo’s Island and Marine Ford.

High-level players of 154 and above can access Land of the Sky locations.


Roblox’s GPO map makes it fun and interesting. It encourages players to explore the area and complete the treasure hunt.

You should note that not all map locations will be available to players. To access premium locations in Gpo Map Roblox, you must be at a certain level.

What locations are on the GPO map that have been visited? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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