Automox raises $110M to help enterprises manage endpoints

The article on VentureBeat reports that Automox, a company that provides endpoint management solutions, has raised $110 million in funding.

Endpoint management refers to the process of securing and managing devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets that are used by employees to access a company’s network. The funds will be used to help Automox expand its offerings and grow its presence in the market.

The company aims to help enterprises manage and secure their endpoints more effectively, which is becoming increasingly important as the use of remote work and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies continue to grow.

  • Where is Automox’s headquarters?
    Automox is located in Boulder, Colorado, United States.
  • Who invested in Automox?
    Automox has 17 investors including Insight Partners and Koch Disruptive Technologies.
  • How much funding has Automox raised to date?
    Automox has raised $152.6M.
  • When was the last funding round for Automox?
    Automox closed its last funding round on Apr 27, 2021 from a Series C round.

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